How to get beautiful cheekbones with exercises

Is it possible to highlight cheekbones with exercises?

Sometimes the expressiveness of the cheekbones plays one of the most important roles in a girl’s image. And, of course, it is possible, and sometimes even necessary, to highlight this part of the face with the help of simple gymnastics - for aesthetic beauty. This is not to say that achieving this will be easy, but it will be worth it. In any business, the main thing is consistency, so it is advisable to do exercises regularly.

As a rule, the best effect can be achieved if you practice straight in the morning. In addition, with the help of simple manipulations you can not only highlight the cheekbone area, but also smooth out facial wrinkles.

Initially, you need to wash your face, then apply a cream to moisturize the skin, in general, carry out all the morning activities. After that, we take ten minutes and get down to business.

Safety regulations

Facial gymnastics requires the implementation of certain recommendations. By following safety precautions, you can achieve a quick effect of creating cheekbones and tightening your cheeks.

Precautionary measures:

  • it is important to monitor your posture and head position; you must not lean forward, otherwise the gymnastics will be ineffective;
  • choose good lighting, there should be no glare or shadows reflected on the face in order to monitor the correct execution;
  • during the exercise, one area of ​​the face is worked, the others should be relaxed, they can be fixed with your fingers and palms;
  • every tension should be replaced by complete relaxation, do not overstrain muscle fibers, this can lead to sprains;
  • It is worth increasing the load gradually, but regularly, it is recommended to start with 3 repetitions, after 2-3 months reach the maximum 15.


  • hypertension;
  • pathology of the facial nerve;
  • acute viral and infectious diseases;
  • undergone plastic surgery, thread lifting within 2 years.

You should also postpone classes if you have recently undergone hardware lifting procedures or administered youth injections.

It is possible to form beautiful cheekbones and tighten the oval line thanks to effective gymnastics. Not only will the muscle frame be strengthened, but the overall condition of the skin will noticeably improve. It’s easy to maintain freshness and youth at home using the secrets of Facebook building.

Effective exercises to pump up your cheekbones

  • Exercise No. 1: train the facial muscles.

To perform it, you need to imagine as if there is a ball in your mouth, behind your cheek. You need to roll it in a circle: through the upper lip to the second cheek, and then back through the lower one.

  • Exercise No. 2: correcting the oval of the face and getting rid of the shadow of fatigue on the face.

It is necessary to inhale air and inflate your cheeks as much as possible. Next, we place our palms on our cheeks and begin to press them on our cheeks. There should be resistance inside; to do this, you need to close your lips tightly and not let out the air. The pressure must be held for five seconds and the exercise repeated ten times.

  • Exercise No. 3: tighten the lower cheek muscles.

For both cheeks, you need to do the following exercise: place your finger at the very bottom of the cheek and move it away from the teeth; use your muscles to try to bring your cheek back to your teeth.

  • Exercise No. 4: we train all the muscles of the cheeks.

Pull your lips out to form an “O” shape. We press the tongue to the inside of the cheek. The main thing in this process is to try to press your tongue to your cheek as tightly as possible, and then vice versa.

  • Exercise No. 5: helping your face lose weight.

Open your mouth and cover your upper and lower teeth with your lips. Now you need to put your palms on your cheeks and then lift them up, then lower them down, while imagining as if your face is stretching and changing its shape. You need to do this exercise until the muscles get tired. Very useful gymnastics for the whole face, not only for beautiful cheekbones.

  • Exercise No. 6: straining the muscles.

This is a very simple exercise, to perform which you just need to stretch your lips and wrinkle them. Remain in this position for ten seconds, and repeat ten times in one “session”.

This set of exercises must be performed daily, every morning, and if you have the opportunity to do facial gymnastics more often, it will be even better. However, do not overdo it, otherwise it will be impossible to smile due to excessive fatigue.

Gymnastics for slim cheeks

Many girls are sincerely worried that their cheeks are too plump. Some people are seriously concerned about the question of how to make their cheeks smaller. I would like to reassure you - it is possible to remove excess volume. You just need to do basic exercises several times a day to shrink your cheeks.

  1. Perform vigorous neck turns to the left and right. 15 times is enough.
  2. Turn your head to the right and begin to make vigorous movements with your lips, as if you were chewing something vigorously. Rest a little and repeat on the other side.
  3. Tilt your head back and turn it to the right as much as possible. Freeze for a few minutes, relax and repeat on the other side.
  4. Another simple exercise will help remove your cheeks. Turn your head to the side, look up. Now pull your lower lip forcefully over your upper lip and freeze for a few minutes. Repeat, switching sides.

The more often you do the exercises, the faster you will understand from personal experience how to lose weight in your cheeks. However, always control the load and avoid excessive pain.

Reviews of gymnastics to enlarge and appear cheekbones

Evgeniya: I never managed to lose weight, and when it finally happened, I discovered that my face shape remained “in the same place.” That is, I seem to have lost weight, but my face remains plump. I decided to correct such an unpleasant problem, pulled myself together and started doing these exercises. She did everything according to schedule, clearly, every day. And, you know, literally after a couple of weeks I noticed the result. It may be very tiny, but it is there. So those who go to the surgeon are stupid, because everything is actually much simpler.

Alexandra: I decided to work out out of curiosity. And in fact, it turned out to be very interesting, because my face very soon began to transform and change for the better. It seems to me that facial fitness will be the best procedure to help maintain a youthful face. I will continue my studies.

Marina: I wonder how long it takes for all the efforts, as they say, to be visible? I have been torturing myself with these daily workouts for three weeks now, and there is no effect. Some write that they see results in almost a week, but nothing works for me. Although I watched the video and do everything as the face-building coach shows. I don’t even know what to do anymore.

Cheekbone exercises for men

Elastic and clearly defined cheekbones add courage to a man’s image. However, the male sex is often lazy to devote a lot of time and effort to facial care. Let’s highlight a set of simple but effective exercises that will help pump up a man’s cheekbones without any extra effort.

Chewing gum

Chewing movements strengthen muscles. Therefore, we take the chewing gum or visually imagine it in our mouth and move our jaws.

Jaw exercise

In a sitting position, you need to tilt your head as high as possible, lowering your lower jaw. When you feel the limit of muscle tension, relax. Repeat 20 times. This technique will help make the cheekbones beautiful and expressive, also lifting the chin and the shape of the cheeks.

Inflating and deflating cheeks

Puff out your cheeks strongly, taking in air. Then pull them in, feel the muscles working. Repeat the movements 20 times. This technique helps to correct the shape of the cheeks.

An educational video from Evgenia Baglyk will help you do exercises correctly for the cheekbones on your face and master other techniques for this area.


I didn’t think that I would have cheeks like a bulldog. Of course, I knew that women after 30 show signs of aging, but expressed this way is too much. In general, I had to act. Of all the methods, I chose facial gymnastics and was extremely surprised to see the result after 2 weeks of classes. I continue charging, I am very pleased with the effect. Alena, housewife, 35 years old

Women and men often turn to me for beauty advice. I recommend to my clients that comprehensive skin care be supplemented with facial exercises and massage. With regular exercise, excellent results are achieved, and the massage technique helps to relax the muscles. Taken together, everything guarantees excellent results within a month. Evgeniya, cosmetologist, 30 years old

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Why your cheeks sag: why do you need gymnastics for your cheekbones?

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The main and most common reason that the cheeks sag and a double chin forms under the jaw is the natural aging of the dermis and muscles, which inevitably occurs with age. The production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis is noticeably reduced, which causes such an unpleasant effect as sagging tissue, and the skin is simply unable to hold it all in place. There are also many secondary factors that have a very intense impact directly on the shape of the cheeks; they must also be taken into account.


It is useful to do exercises for the cheeks and cheekbones at any age; it is not at all necessary to wait until you are thirty-five or forty years old to start studying gymnastics for the face. It is optimal to deal with them from early youth, when the problem does not seem to exist. The sooner you start, and the more regular your training, the further in time the aging of muscles and dermis will move away.

  • The first reason for sagging cheeks is tissue aging, and no person can avoid this factor. But you can prolong youth as much as possible and delay this moment if you regularly do gymnastics for your cheekbones, face and other parts of the body.
  • With sudden weight gain, as well as very rapid weight loss, the skin can stretch and sag, resulting in “bulldog” cheeks and a double chin.
  • Hormonal imbalances, improper nutrition and drinking too much liquid can cause this phenomenon.
  • Genetic predisposition may also be to blame for the fact that you have unattractive, thick and flabby cheeks.
  • Excessively long exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause a relaxation effect and loss of elasticity and firmness in the epidermis. So, not only those who spend most of their time outside, but also those who love solariums should be wary.

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The reason why you have to look for optimal exercises for your cheekbones can also be poor quality cosmetics and perfumes that do not provide proper care for the dermis. The skin must receive regular and proper nutrition and hydration, and if this does not happen, premature wrinkles appear, cheeks sag, and cheekbones lose their clear lines and shapes.

Zygomatic muscles

Before pumping up a man’s cheekbones with exercises, it is advisable to know the anatomy and functions of the zygomatic muscles. This will allow you to feel them better during gymnastics and understand how they work and whether they are loaded enough. The zygomatic muscles are divided into small and large and take an active part in facial expressions. But their main function is to form a smile; without them it is impossible to stretch the lips, raise the corners of the mouth, pull to the side or protrude the upper lip.

The zygomatic major muscles on one side are attached to the zygomatic arches and zygomatic bones on both sides of the face, then descend to the upper lip and end in the area of ​​the nasolabial fold, attaching to the orbicularis oris muscle. Located just below the zygomatic minor muscles, the upper end is attached symmetrically to the zygomatic arches in the area of ​​the corners of the mouth, where they are attached to the orbicularis oris muscle.

It should be especially noted that the muscles of the cheeks and cheekbones not only perform facial functions, but largely determine the contour of the face and support its frame. If they weaken, then the cheeks sag, jowls and deep folds appear. Therefore, it is advisable to combine exercises for cheekbones and cheeks in one complex, this way two goals are achieved at once: cheekbones are enlarged and the shape of the face is improved.

How to remove cheeks and make cheekbones: exercises and more

Before you begin to figure out how to make cheekbones with the help of exercises, you need to ensure that the process itself has the opportunity to bring your plans to life. You will have to take into account several basic stages and requirements, otherwise nothing may simply work out and all your efforts will simply go down the drain. First of all, you should think about proper nutrition and provide the dermis with proper daily care. Conventional procedures will most likely not be enough to achieve a revolutionary result, this is where exercises will come to the rescue, but you should not neglect other means, you need to act comprehensively, then the effect can be noticed much earlier.

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Cosmetic procedures and regular skin care

The skin reacts very quickly to any stress in the body, dehydration and drying out, so hydration is the main indicator that should never be overlooked. But you need to give the dermis not only moisture, but also other care, and what kind of care, let’s figure it out briefly.

  • Correctly selected cosmetics must be effective and as natural as possible. Its effectiveness often directly depends on the cost, that is, too cheap means may not give any result at all. It is better to take a set of products from one line of a fairly well-known manufacturer, even if it is considered budget, and after a while change it to another so that the skin does not get used to it.
  • A contrast shower, which should be carried out in the morning and evening, after waking up and before going to bed, has a very good effect on the muscles and dermis. This can be achieved using a regular shower head, simply by washing your face alternately with cold and hot water, or you can make the procedure as beneficial as possible. To do this, you can wash your face with herbal decoctions, wipe your face with cubes of frozen infusions, and also place a napkin soaked in hot herbal tea on it.
  • It wouldn’t hurt to regularly carry out a variety of skin-supporting procedures, for example, making masks and lotions. To do this, it would be advisable to purchase a canvas mask specifically designed for these purposes; it can be washed and used several times.

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Experts say that just two or three compresses with saline solution at night will give noticeable results in just two weeks, and after six months you simply won’t recognize yourself in the mirror. True, this is only if you approach the issue comprehensively, that is, do not only cosmetic procedures, but also exercises for the cheekbones of the face and everything else.

Special diet for the face

To create a special diet for weight loss, you must contact a nutritionist. Only he can correctly calculate all the necessary calories, vitamins and microelements that you should receive daily. However, it still won’t hurt to follow a few simple recommendations if you seriously decide to get rid of unsightly chubby or sagging cheeks and “sculpt” sculpted cheeks.

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  • Always drink more water, and all sorts of liquids, such as tea, coffee, juices and other drinks, are not suitable. Everything is individual, but on average you need to drink about two liters of clean water to keep your skin healthy and looking great.
  • Completely avoid unhealthy foods such as sugar or salt, as they retain water in the body and prevent it from being eliminated properly, which can cause swelling.
  • Don’t forget about a healthy diet, as the body needs more vegetables, which will prevent your cheeks from gaining too much weight. But the skin will definitely receive vitamins and minerals from them.

Another very useful recommendation is to drink more fermented milk products, such as fermented baked milk, kefir, whey and others. They have a record calcium content, which helps to significantly reduce weight. Cheese and cottage cheese also cannot be discounted, but their quantity is strictly controlled, because the fat content of these products can go off scale.

Strengthening the eye area and lifting the cheekbones

The hand begins its movement from the lower jaw exactly along the nasolabial lips to the wing of the nose, where it is imperative to make a noticeable pressure near the nose itself. With the other hand, we stroke the area around the eyes in a circular motion and move our hand diagonally (see video). Here you need to press your hands tightly to your face and make a pushing movement, be sure to run one hand over your forehead and the other along your cheekbone (as if you were spreading the skin evenly). Finally, press your fingers tightly to your face for a second and move one hand to your collarbone. Repeat the movement on the other side of your face.

The exercises should be repeated every morning 3-5 times. After 2 weeks, provided you do the exercises regularly, you will notice a clear result. The face will become more toned, the puffiness will disappear and the contour of the cheekbones will appear with a visible curve.

Why and how to pump up cheekbones?

Men who care about appearance understand that the face is a kind of business card or showcase, which largely determines the overall impression of a person. Of course, chic clothes, a fashionable hairstyle and a bodybuilder's body attract attention, but the positive effect of them will be spoiled if the man has a flabby, weak-willed face with bad skin, sagging cheeks and a double chin.

In youth, the facial muscles are toned, the skin is well regenerated, the facial contour is tightened, it seems that it will always be this way. At about 25-30 years old, the first signs of aging appear: facial creases, wrinkles, drooping eyelids and cheeks that have lost the expressiveness of the cheekbones. An additional imprint is left by inevitable stress, chronic lack of sleep, and poor urban ecology. By the age of 40, the face begins to swell and, without proper care, becomes noticeably worse.

Women have some advantage: they have an impressive arsenal of cosmetics that help hide skin imperfections and age-related changes. Skillful makeup can amazingly transform a woman’s face, rejuvenate and give it freshness.

Men do not have this option; they have to grow a beard or wear sunglasses to disguise imperfections. But a beard does not suit everyone, and glasses only mask the eyes, leaving a man’s lips, cheeks, forehead and cheekbones on display. How to pump up facial muscles or correct facial contour? This question becomes more pressing with age.

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