Lose 20 kg in one week at home - myth or reality

Extreme weight loss is far from new. For decades now, representatives of the fair sex have been exhausting themselves with heavy diets in the name of the cherished numbers on the scales. At the same time, everyone wants to achieve ideal body curves in the shortest possible time. But is it possible to lose 20 kilograms in just one week? This question really interests many people.

Lose 20 kg in a week

Preparation and tasks

“Diet” in French means “healthy lifestyle.” This meaning is very global. The ability to manage personal actions in the space and conditions in which a person lives is a huge task.

How to lose 20 kg in 2 weeks?

When a woman of any age says “she wants to lose weight!”, at first a certain abstraction appears. This is the first big minus. Know how to correctly position yourself if you want to lose weight: an initial and important step. Simply put, there must be an image of the goal. A woman needs to analyze her requirements in front of herself!

Absolute exclusion of extreme types of diets!

The human body is difficult to outsmart. Our body is a living being, which at the subconscious level has a vein for survival. This ability has developed over the course of human progress. It was this ability to transform fat for life that helped people survive during war and the elements. Therefore, when a person suffers from hunger, the body begins to store any kind of fat and calories. The nervous system goes off scale, and a breakdown occurs at any moment.


A sharp increase in weight is several times greater than it was before fasting. Fasting means when a person eats only one type of vegetable, or gets by on a few apples a day, etc. It is recommended to use a mono-diet, but only on a fasting day, after everyday holidays.

Per month

If you plan to lose 7 kg in a month, you don’t have to worry about your own health. The process will happen quite smoothly, and with proper nutrition and physical activity, the weight will be stable and will no longer increase.

Diets “Minus 7 kg in 1 month”


The basis of the diet is protein products: eggs, milk, lean meat, fish, seafood. Due to its duration, it requires mandatory intake of multivitamins and limits daily caloric intake to 1,200 kcal. Ideal for those who play sports.


It is best to use the lacto-vegetarian option, when only meat and fish are prohibited, while dairy products remain along with plant foods. Thanks to this, you can create a varied and balanced menu that will allow you to lose weight without any problems.

Dikul's diet

Allows you not only to lose weight by 7 kg or even more in a month, but also to form a beautiful muscle frame during intense training. The basis of the diet is protein foods. The first phases involve alternating vegetables and dairy products. Carbohydrates are initially prohibited, but are gradually introduced into the menu.


Having a whole month in reserve gives you a free hand in terms of sports. Training in the gym, exercise equipment, morning jogging, sets of exercises - with all this goodness you can lose 10-15 kg. Your goal is more modest, so slow down and try to tone your muscles in a gentler way. For example, you can master:

  • breathing exercises;
  • retraction of the abdomen using a special technique;
  • special types of yoga;
  • race walking;
  • Japanese exercise with a towel.

Unlike a five-day marathon, here you don’t need to resort to all the additional techniques in a row: swallowing fat-burning dietary supplements, soaking in a soda bath, and walking around in a corrective corset all day. It is enough to cleanse the body properly, starting from the intestines and ending with the circulatory system. Freeing yourself from slagging will allow organs to work without interruption, which will improve and consolidate the results achieved.

Principles of losing weight

  1. To lose weight, you need to eat at least 5 times a day. The last meal can be 3 hours before bedtime, no later! Meals are divided into three main meals and two snacks. Snacks can be increased up to 4 times, but it is necessary to reduce the volume and calorie content of food. Over time, snacks are reduced to 2 times a day.
  2. Each main meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner. "Give dinner to the enemy!" equates to madness. Dinner is essential! Breakfast is the foundation of the whole day. Lunch certainly increases energy. Snacks help the body work at a continuous pace, burning calories.
  3. “We are what we eat!” Bullseye quote. A balanced and proper diet is the key to losing weight. The nutritional system and products that help you lose weight and stay healthy are a direct path to your ideal weight.
  4. The most important principle! Firmly follow the main condition: drink 2 liters of water a day, no less, that’s about 10 glasses of water. Water is more important than food! Water removes salt and excess toxins from the body. A lack of water in the body, namely water in its pure form (not juices, not tea and coffee), leads to stagnation of salt and excess fluid, which literally makes a person swell.
  5. Prepare dishes only using proven methods: steaming, boiling, baking in the oven, grilling. Frying is prohibited! The best way to eat raw vegetables. All natural ingredients remain in them. When cooked, the structure is destroyed, and the vegetables are simply suitable for nutrition, but are not enriched with the original vitamins.
  6. Physical activity is necessary! In order to visually lose weight. Especially in the area of ​​the waist and hips, it is imperative to gradually include sports exercises, such as: morning exercises, standing jumping, abs.

Emergency diet for losing weight by 20 kg

Before embarking on such “fast” nutrition systems, you should definitely go to a nutritionist in order to avoid negative effects on the body. More gentle in terms of health is the effective Lesenka diet, designed for 5 days. You won’t be able to lose 20 kilograms in a short period of time, but you can take the “course” again in a couple of weeks. The program system is like this:

  1. Cleansing – eating small portions, activated charcoal, lots of water.
  2. Restoration of microflora - cottage cheese, kefir, drinking water.
  3. Energy – cereals, dried fruits, honey.
  4. Construction – protein dishes (chicken, turkey, fish).
  5. Destroying fat - vegetables, fruits, oatmeal.

Glass of milk, honey and oatmeal

Simple conditions for losing weight

The basic conditions for losing weight are the simplest rules. These rules are very easy to follow, but they are mandatory:

Eliminate heavy cream and sugar from your diet. Giving up tea with milk and sugar is the right decision in losing weight. One cup of tea with full-fat milk and sugar can contain up to 160 kcal. How much tea or coffee do you drink per day? Now can you guess where the extra calories come from?!

You can replace it with:

  1. Black tea with skim milk and sweetener;
  2. Green tea;
  3. Ginger tea with honey.

Eliminate high-calorie flour products from your diet. These include: Cakes, pastries, buns, chocolate cookies, pies, pies, white bread, loaf, etc. These are the most high-calorie enemies of our body. For example, only 100 grams of cabbage pie contains up to 220 kcal. But it’s difficult to eat enough with one piece!

You can replace:

  1. Rye or wheat bread without sugar,
  2. Marshmallow,
  3. Marmalade,
  4. Rye or black bread.

Eliminate fried potatoes and mashed potatoes from your diet. Potatoes have a high glycemic index, meaning potatoes are broken down in the body at a high rate. If you lead a “sedentary” lifestyle, glucose, which is the result of breakdown, simply goes into stores in the form of fat and settles on the hips and other favorite places. Do you need this?

There is no need to exclude potatoes. A few jacket potatoes once every two weeks will not harm your figure. It is better to eat it at lunch, before 16.00.

Fresh juices are not always healthy. Therefore, pay attention to calories, juice, and composition. When losing weight, it is better to avoid sweet juices and fruit drinks.

Include natural grapefruit juice in your diet. Grapefruit is a “treasure” that will start the body’s engine at high speed. The fruit contains essential substances that enhance metabolism.

However, there are serious contraindications:

  1. Grapefruit should not be consumed by people taking blood pressure medications or painkillers.
  2. Grapefruit is contraindicated for gastritis and stomach ulcers.
  3. This fruit enhances the effect of medications significantly and can lead to poisoning with serious consequences.

Exclude “obesity leaders” from your personal diet:

  1. Carbonated, sweet drinks.
  2. Sausages.
  3. Alcohol (except wine on holidays!)

Instead, you can drink cool green tea with honey (brew and cool!); chicken roll; kazy (horse meat); compote.

These conditions, you see, are not difficult to adhere to. Elementary advice sometimes helps you avoid getting into difficult situations. Excessive eating leads to one end result - obesity. So think about it when you eat a burger at a bistro.

How to lose 20 kg in 2 weeks? photo

In 3 months

The easiest and safest option to lose 7 kg is to lose it within 3 months.

Diets “Minus 7 kg in 3 months”

You can do without diets by simply organizing proper nutrition. But in this case, you will need to exercise a little more intensely. If you don’t have enough time for it, you can choose one of the long-term diets. Most often, these are proprietary methods that offer a step-by-step passage of several phases.

90 days of separate meals

Three months of this diet consist of 22 cycles of 4 days each. The sequence cannot be changed. It is based on separate nutrition: protein day - starch - carbohydrate - vitamin. Every 7 cycles you need to arrange a drinking fasting day.

Ginsburg pulse diet

It involves two diets - maintenance (to stabilize weight) and fasting (reducing daily calorie intake). Refers to low-fat, limits the consumption of sweets. Suggests preparing multi-component dishes, slowly tasting each and enjoying the taste. Frequent meals (up to 8 times a day) allow you to withstand 3 months without breakdowns until the very end.

Diet E.V. Malysheva

The most important principle is “You can’t starve!” The basis is fractional nutrition. Daily calorie content is 1,200 kcal. All products must be natural and fresh. On the official website of the presenter, you can purchase a nutrition kit for 3 months and lose at least 7 kg.


If you exercised before losing weight, continue training at the same pace. If you had nothing in common with him, just increase your physical activity. What you will have to do daily for this:

  • Walk 1-2 stops;
  • refuse the elevator;
  • Warm up every hour for 5 minutes;
  • choose one of the light physical activities: hula hoop, plank, jump rope, etc.

If you find the strength in yourself and take up sports more seriously, in combination with diets and even just proper nutrition, you can lose much more than 7 kg.


3 months is a long time to lose weight. You don’t need to wear a compression belt or corrective leggings all this time, they will put pressure on your organs and impair blood circulation. Too frequent wraps can cause an allergic reaction or thermal burn on the skin. Salon procedures last a maximum of a month. So what can you do to help ensure proper nutrition and sufficient physical activity?

  1. Consult a nutritionist.
  2. Find a fat-burning drug designed for long-term use.
  3. Take a course of multivitamins.
  4. Alternate the procedures: do a course of 10 wraps - start taking salt baths - then sign up for a massage, etc.
  5. Some proprietary methods for cleansing the body do not fit into 1 month, now is the time to use them.

There are many ways to get rid of 7 kg. First of all, they will depend on the time frame for which you need to lose weight. The smaller they are, the more difficult and dangerous to health. The longer, the easier and more useful. So initially try to calculate the time in such a way that there is a reserve: the effect will be more stable and noticeable.

Delicious diet menu

You are determined to lose weight up to 20 kg, optimistic and confident! Take your bag. Let's go grocery shopping at our favorite supermarket!

We will buy from the list of important products that are included in the diet of slim people:

  1. Squirrels,
  2. Carbohydrates.

The basket of products that help you lose weight and, of course, stay beautiful includes:


  1. Meat products (animal protein):
  2. Chicken, beef liver, beef meat, fish.
  3. Dairy products:
  • cottage cheese - low fat or 1%; eggs;
  • sour cream up to 15% fat;
  • milk – up to 1.5% fat (I recommend goat’s milk),
  • kefir - up to 1% fat content,
  • yogurt - up to 5% fat.
  • Cheeses are preferably low-fat.

Vegetable protein:

  1. Beans,
  2. Buckwheat,
  3. Nuts.
  4. Cereals (whole grain products) and side dishes:

lentils, rice, pearl barley, oatmeal, muesli, rolled oats, quinoa. Durum pasta. Buckwheat flour, wheat flour - 2nd grade. Bread.


Ginger, lettuce, cilantro, spinach. Cabbage (all types). Pumpkin, radish, celery, parsley, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers.


Avocado, grapefruit, lemon, orange, apple, tangerine, watermelon.


Raspberries, blueberries.


Olive oil, fish oil.

The above products are the first assistants in losing weight. The focus is on these products, within six months, which will reduce the volume of your figure in the waist and hips area by several times. It is necessary to vary and diversify your diet so that the body receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals, without which it is not possible to exist normally.

Recovery complexes after extreme weight loss

After the problem of how to lose 20 kg in a week has stopped bothering you, you have lost weight and transformed, you should worry about your health. As previously mentioned, rapid weight loss and taking medications have a negative impact on health, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive restoration of the body.

Recovery includes:

  • taking multivitamin complexes;
  • gradual return to normal diet;
  • restoration of psychological state;
  • normalization of water-salt balance.

In any case, whether or not to resort to such radical methods of losing weight is up to each woman to decide personally. The most important thing in this case is not to harm your health.

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How to start your day?

Start the morning with a warm glass of water with 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp. lemon juice and 1 tsp. honey Your blood vessels will start working and your blood will flow.

It is better to start breakfast with one glass of ready-made muesli. Season the muesli with drinking yoghurt or skim milk. In 5 minutes, a fiber-enriched breakfast will fill your body and recharge your body with energy for the whole day. Drink coffee only after 15 minutes.

For a snack, alternatively called “2 breakfast”, you can get by with 1 apple and 1 tangerine.

Don't forget to drink 1 glass of water every hour. On weekdays, carry water and snacks with you in special plastic containers.

Lunch brings a new drive to your day!

The lunch dish must include protein and “complex” carbohydrates. For example, baked fish with buckwheat, seasoned with lemon juice and a drop of olive oil. Without salt (during weight loss, salt is excluded). The lunch options are endless. The protein can be baked or boiled chicken, beef, or seafood.

Be sure to enjoy a salad along with your main course. For example, finely chopped cabbage with tomatoes, spinach, cilantro, seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice. Salads that are predominantly green enhance metabolism. Women will lose weight before our eyes. You cannot eat bread at this time!

Don't forget to drink water an hour before meals. 1 or 2 glasses of water.

Drink green tea with 1 marshmallow or marshmallow an hour after eating.

How not to lose your temper

It's difficult to lose 20 kg if you don't have motivation. This kind of weight loss requires serious effort, so it is important to listen to the following tips:

  • Bonuses for achievements will help you achieve your goal. It’s worth pampering yourself with shopping for every 5 kg you lose.
  • We need to involve friends with a similar problem. Losing weight together is always more fun.
  • It is recommended to keep a diary in which you need to record your nutrition and training plan, results and achievements.
  • For some girls, old photographs and beautiful outfits 1-2 sizes smaller can become motivation. You need to say goodbye to your wardrobe.
  • It is recommended to watch motivational videos, as well as before and after photos of people who have lost weight.
  • It’s worth signing up for dancing or going to the pool, finding new hobbies.
  • They advise you to post photos of your achievements on a blog or social network. This will allow you to get support from your friends and continue further.

Motivation to lose weight should be accompanied by good thoughts about your new look. It is important to tune in to a positive result, believe in yourself and not stop there, only then will the process of losing weight take place with pleasure, and not with tears in your eyes.

Desired snacks

For lunch, make yourself a sandwich from whole grain bread with herbs and a slice of tomato. If you feel hungry, you can eat up to 3 loaves of bread. You will instantly feel full and feel great. Breads are available. Numerous types are sold in minimarkets and stores. Greens contain coarse fibers that do not allow them to be quickly absorbed into the body. Glucose levels remain stable. Ladies don't overeat.

Snacks can be very healthy and varied. Yogurt with added fruit or walnuts. You can have whole grain bread spread with squash or eggplant caviar.

Don't forget to drink a glass of water again! Drink water every hour!

Lyle McDonald Method

The developer of the rapid weight loss system is Lyle MacDonald. This is an American sports physiologist, nutritionist and author of many books on recomposition (body restructuring), including reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

The crash diet is a low-carbohydrate diet.

The crash diet from Lyle McDonald differs primarily in its scientific approach. Initially, the user of the technique determines the category to which he belongs. The latter depends on the amount of extra pounds. Next, using a special table, the permissible severity of the crash diet is calculated for each specific case.

Basic principles of low-carbohydrate nutrition according to Lyle MacDonald:

  1. There are no simple carbohydrates in the diet.
  2. Nutrients such as Omega-6, Omega-3, and some types of proteins are supplied to the body in the form of fish oil or sesame oil.
  3. The body receives slow carbohydrates from whole grain cereals, durum wheat pasta, vegetables, legumes, and herbs. The latter are an additional source of fiber.
  4. You need to drink at least 2 liters of still water per day. This stimulates metabolism and helps cleanse the intestines. Tea, coffee, juices and soups are not taken into account.
  5. Additional intake of vitamin complexes solves the problem of deficiency of microelements such as calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium.
  6. The number of meals varies from 3 to 6 times and depends on each case individually.

Comment! The main danger of a crash diet is that, in addition to adipose tissue, muscle mass decreases.

Be sure to check out:

You'll need dinner yourself!

Dinner should be protein-rich. It is a misconception that dinner should be fairly light. Of course, a heavy dinner is not considered. The best option in the evening is any baked or steamed white meat. For example, a dish of tender breast or juicy tuna with stewed vegetables, or baked eggplant. Variations just depend on your taste. Create and enjoy!

Prohibited: frying any type of meat!

It is not recommended to consume red meat at late times. Physiologically, after 7 p.m., intestinal function weakens and digestive enzymes are not produced. Therefore, the complex structure of red meat is very difficult for the intestines to digest.

The portion of food should not be large. 300 gr. there is enough meat. Green vegetables should predominate. Vegetables should be eaten no more than 1 serving that fits in a glass.

Be sure to drink 1 glass of water before your meal!

Tea party for weight loss!

Time to relax and drink tea! But put your usual tea bags and instant coffee back. Time for aromatic ginger tea. This tea makes excess fat a thing of the past. Ginger root has a powerful effect on intestinal function. Gingerol, a substance found in the plant, washes away and cleanses the intestines of toxins like a wave. Activates the rapid absorption of proteins, due to which muscle tissue increases and excess fat is destroyed.

Just make some tea! Dry root powder is infused in boiling water for several minutes. Add lemon and drink. I advise you to drink it with honey, but do not put honey in hot liquid. Eat separately!

General recommendations

A radical program for burning excess weight is considered very tough; you will have to saturate yourself with a minimum of calories. To make it easier to survive 2 weeks of the diet and ultimately get maximum weight loss results, remember:

  1. It is preferable to switch to a low-calorie diet during the holiday period.
  2. You need to drink a lot of fluids - water, green tea, herbal infusions. It has been proven that sometimes we feel hungry when our body is actually dehydrated. However, it is better to drink water half an hour before meals or 40 minutes later.
  3. Unacceptable foods in the diet are smoked meats, pickles, sweets, flour and fatty foods.
  4. During the diet, you must avoid physical and excessive mental stress.
  5. To maintain the results obtained, you should exit the diet correctly by increasing your calorie intake. So, in the first week you will be saturated with 1000 kcal per day, in the second - 1200 kcal, in the third - 1400 kcal and in the fourth - 1600 kcal.

The maximum weight loss is observed in the first 7 days - often up to 2 kg are lost daily, and in subsequent days weight loss continues, but not so intensively.

Physical exercise!

  1. Morning exercises will tone your body . Blood circulation will increase and breathing will stabilize. Recommended exercises include: Pull-ups. Swing your arms to the sides. Swing your legs back and forth. Back arch. Squat. Swing your arms “scissors”.
  2. Intense Jumping: Jumping in place - intense . When jumping: spread your legs apart and together. Jumps are fast and energetic. Start from 50 times. After 2 days, increase your jumps. Make jumping more difficult after just a week: jump and squat. Run energetically, in place. Run and raise your knees higher. Jump in a scissors pattern.
  3. Pump up your abs . Work out your abs at least 3 times a week. Choose the optimal time yourself. Be sure to use all types. If you are a beginner, start with lifts and crunches. Make it more difficult every week. Do at least 8 minutes per exercise. Start pressing in the form of leg lifts after 5 exercises. Loads should be regular. Together with proper nutrition, your success will be visible not only on the scale, but in the mirror you will see a toned, beautiful body.

In 3 weeks

If you have 3 whole weeks to spare and you only need to lose 7 kg to reach your ideal weight, you are a happy person. After all, you have a lot of time to go on a diet and exercise. And all this without much stress.

Diets “Minus 7 kg in 21 days”

The three-week diets are very interesting and feature a balanced and varied diet. There is no need to particularly torture yourself with hunger, because 7 kg will go away even if you adhere to the daily caloric intake of 1,500 kcal.

English diet

It is based on separate nutrition, suggests alternating vegetable and protein days, and limits daily calorie content to 1,000 kcal. Days 1, 2, 7, 14 and 21 - fasting drinking days. Among drinks, preference is given to tea. Breakfast is as light as possible (unlike dinner).

Roller coaster

It represents jumps in daily calorie content: in weeks 1 and 3 it decreases to 600-800 kcal, in week 2 it increases to 1,200. At the same time, any fats are minimized, portion sizes are significantly limited.


It is protein-rich, low-calorie and salt-free. The diet is based on rice, seafood, fish, fruits and vegetables. You won’t have to go hungry, but it’s hard to tolerate without salt.


If you want weight loss not to be accompanied by the appearance of stretch marks on your stomach and sagging folds, tone your muscles. You can do without running if you find it difficult to get up in the morning. But light sports should be included in the program:

  • morning work-out;
  • a set of exercises to work out problem areas;
  • evening walks.

Additionally, you can visit a beauty salon or cosmetic medicine clinic to find out what support treatments they can offer. The range of their services in this regard is quite wide, from cedar barrels to pressotherapy. If you don’t have the time or finances for this, regular body wraps or massages that can be done at home will do.

Slimness for life!

If a person really wants to lose weight, he needs to carry the image of beauty throughout his life. A thin waist can be a woman’s friend until old age. Diets are not a temporary solution to the problem. A “healthy lifestyle” is the destiny of happy people.

After just 2 weeks, lovely ladies will see excellent results. You won't be hungry and exhausted. Instead, seriously lose weight!

First, following all the above tips (required!), a woman will lose kilos very quickly. Over time, the weight will stabilize, and the kilograms on the scale will not decrease so clearly. But there will be a clear reduction in delicate places, like the hips and stomach. The meter will help you with this! Good luck!

Main conclusions

The crash diet is an extreme way to lose weight that allows you to lose up to 10 kg in less than 2 weeks. However, this method has many contraindications:

  1. The daily calorie content of the crash diet does not exceed 700 kcal.
  2. There are many variations of this technique, where one type of food is taken as the basis (juices, berries, yogurt).
  3. As part of the crash diet, many ready-made diets have been developed.
  4. Extreme weight loss has a number of contraindications and is not recommended for elderly people or those under 18 years of age.

A sharp restriction of calories, according to experts, can trigger the processes of active burning of fat tissue. But do not forget that, in addition to adipose tissue, a strict crash diet also burns muscle tissue, which is much more difficult to build.

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